A little bit about our home…….

Opened on September 20th 1961 the building was originally known as ‘The Lugano’ Coffee Bar, a popular spot for the people of Low Fell to gather and catch up on the days affairs. We’ve spoken to several members of the community who remember the place fondly but the stand out statement has to be: “Where were you when they shot JFK!? I was in The Lugano having a coffee.”

However, if the buildings first inhabitants were popular then there’s no describing the impact the next ones would have!

‘The Italia’ was arguably Newcastle’s most famous Italian restaurant throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was an ‘old school’ Italian which led the way in introducing the people of the North East to that fabulous nation’s now famous style of food. We’ve lost count of the number of people who; when asking us where we were setting up have responded: “the Italia!? We used to go there all the time!” or “That place was always really busy!” Anybody working in Italian restaurants around the North East these days probably has a lot to thank the Italia for.

So after 50 years in existence the building is morphing into only its third incarnation with the arrival of Rosa Twelve.

We’re hoping we can provide you with experiences to either; match your memories of our predecessors or introduce you to the building for the first time. Who knows you could be under our roof when the next ‘JFK’ moment occurs!